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City of Steam

R2CS_Stormaggedon is the one who posted about City of Steam and announced on their website (that the US can see via R2’s gaming), that they will be shutting down the servers.

City of Steam on their FaceBook page has THIS to say:

City of Steam
12 minutes ago. (Posted around 11am EST)

Hello all, today we officially announce that Mechanist Games has taken CoS back. Stay tuned for City of Steam: Arcadia this November! More info coming soon!


On Twitter, they just posted a message as well about the same thing as said on Facebook.

City of Steam ‏@CityofSteam 2h (around 11am EST it was posted)

Hello all, today we officially announce that Mechanist Games has taken CoS back. Stay tuned for City of Steam: Arcadia this November!


On the Google+ page for City of Steam.

City of Steam
Shared publicly - 11:17 AM EST

Hello all, today we officially announce that Mechanist Games has taken CoS back. Stay tuned for City of Steam: Arcadia this November! More info coming soon!


So, I’m guessing that it’s just the US servers that R2 gaming has that are going away and not all of the game?

This sounds like it is a very complicated ordeal that they are dealing with here.

Granted, I had heard from other players within the past few months during open chat that people were saying about other countries already having more content than what the US has and that more people even play on those other CoS servers.

I know that’s just hear-say but it has always had me wondering about that.

It would be nice if a gaming website would get a better report on this than the info that I have been able to gather, even if part of it is from just general open chat while playing the game.


I did a google search for “City of Steam” and found links to other sources including Mechanist’s own website.

Also, this wiki page for City of Steam:

I did try some of the bottom links on the left hand side of the wiki page and this one caught my eye. (Links to Official Game Site & Mechanist Games

So then I checked the CoS Forums that are still on the R2 part & some players put up some very interesting links there as well & some of those links on that forum page are more up to date with news than what we have been able to see in the US.


People also posted about what they had learned from that CoS webpage. That page does have an english version of the game. They tried using their log-in that the CoS-R2 uses and couldn’t log in with that, so they had to start over from scratch. There is a question of since the US english version is going away with R2 games as the promoter, will the English version on the Novaworlds site also be going away and they are asking for some clearity, which there has yet to be one as of 12pm EST on 10/22/2013.

There is another page that I have been sort of checking and keeping an eye on.


Some of the links on these pages listed above do send you to the site, so I’d mouse over the link first to see where it says it should take you to and just type it in from there.


I’m still waiting to see what all Mechanist Games has to say about what all will be happening to the version that R2games had control over to see if I need to go to the Novaworlds site or if they will have another promoter for the US who is a better partner than what R2 has been to them.

I’m just glad that Mechanist Games got City of Steam back from Reality Squared Gaming.

(FYI) Political talk, so please avoid if you don’t want to know.

Just leaving these right here for people to see and that is all. No need for comments or anything like that.

Something very interesting that was found out by a rep from the state I live in right now. I just feel like it needs to be known that someone did try to question why a certain law was changed to only benefit a handful of members and not the majority.

So while in Neverwinter today, I was opening a few lockboxes to see if I could get my mount today. The top picture shows my luck with Tarmalune bars today. O.o

I still have lockboxes left over, so now my Control Wizard is opening them (mostly because one day I decided to open a box on her & she has 14 bars since that first box was opened.)

The bottom picture is Stormi at level 57 on her Heavy Twilight Nightmare mount along with her Skeletal Dog (Sparki ) behind her.

So today when I opened up my first Nightmare lockbox of the day, this happened.

The message went over the whole server like it always does & yeah, I was shocked & a bit saddened.

I’ve been saving my bars that come out of those lock boxes for Stormi’s mount that I want her to get, which is the “Heavy Twilight Inferno” mount that you have to have 2500 bars for. I like the blue flames on that one much better than I do for this mount for my main toon.

I did have this alternate plan for if I did get one of these mounts & that was to give it to my Control Wizard. The thought of her purple shield on that mount & how I thought it would look like was the intriguing part to me.

To me, this is a really cool look. I think the match with my Control Wizard & her purple shield was a pretty good idea that I do enjoy looking at a lot.

Players of the Open Beta of Neverwinter were sort of compensated for their lost time with the necessary roll back that they needed to do for an in-game bug involving Astral Diamonds (one of the game’s currency for items & within their Auction House system).
ZAM did a write up on the mishap here
This is what players have received in-game as a compensation for the bug that was discovered with an RP sense of return for the player to have to remember the event that took place. You were also rewarded a title of “Caturday Survivor” from the roll back.

The items included in this roll back event RP package are shown above in the bottom 2 pictures. Some of them are helpful game items & some are just memorabilia from the event.
Here is the news post from the Neverwinter Team.

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